Coconut Shell Charcoal Making Machinery For Charcoal Production

Charcoal is really a black, lightweight residue composed of carbon and ash obtained by the removing of water as well as other unstable constituents based on vegetable or animal sources. The development process involves a slow pyrolysis the heating of substances into a quite high temperature in the lack of oxygen. Common Charcoal is made from coal, peat, wood, petroleum, or coconut shells

Charcoal can be used heating or for cooking fuel but has several other uses. Compressed charcoal can be used in pencils, gun powder and powdered charcoal is used for medicinal purposes, by way of example charcoal capsules for digestive problems. A recently available discovery is that charcoal can turn unproductive soil into productive, carbon-rich soil.

Coconut Shell Charcoal Making Machinery

Modern ways of charcoal making add the employment of retorting technology and that is a procedure for heat recovery solely offered by the combustion of gas that is released in the carbonization process. The properties of your finished products depend on the sort of material charred, as well as on the charring temperature. In order to produce a high purity charcoal product, the origin material has to be free from non-volatile substances.

The raw materials employed for charcoal production could be anything including straw, bark, twigs, sawdust, corn cob, bamboo sawdust, factory sawdust, wood scraps from furniture, or coconut shells. Producing charcoal from natural raw materials is useful for environmental protection and the re-usage of agricultural waste materials is usually supported and advocated by governments.

Beston Coconut Shell Charcoal Making Machine
Beston Coconut Shell Charcoal Making Machine

Coconut Shell Charcoal Making Machinery to create charcoal from coconut shells includes:

1. Crusher Machine

2. Drying Machine

3. Briquette Extruder Machine

4. Carbonizing Machine

Coconut Shell Charcoal Making Machinery Production Line

1. The Crushing machine can be used to destroy down material that is certainly greater than 5.5mm. Any pieces which are larger than 200mm have to be divided into smaller sizes of 5.5mm before processing within the Crusher.

2. The Drying machine is commonly used once the moisture measure of the raw material is above 12%. The moisture level should be reduced to between 6% and 8% (for example the dryness of sawdust) before it can be processed further within the Briquette Extruder machine. The development might be designed to meet the requirements of consumers, for instance making sawdust into half-charcoal sticks. The Drying machine comes with an auto controlling home heating system and can be used other purposes for instance a water boiler or possibly a heater to warm a house.


According to the scale of the device it can handle from 300 – 500kg, 900 – 1200kg, or 1300 – 2,100kg of raw materials measuring between 3 – 5mm. The temperatures reached vary between 180°C – 250°C. the motor power in the three different sized machines range between 4Kw to 5.5.Kw, to 7.5Kw. The weights are: 1200kg, 1600kg, and 2100kg. Sizes are: 10m x 1m x 2m 15m x 1m x 2m 21m x 1.2m x 2.5m.

3. The Briquette Extruder machine. The production may be built to meet the criteria of clients, by way of example making sawdust into half-charcoal sticks. It comes with a car-controlling heating system and motor power ranges between 11kw, to 15kw, to 18kw to the sizes of machines and weighs from 800kg, to 1000kg, to 1200kg. The measurements are: 1,630mm x 600mm x 1,260mm or 1,860mm x 800mm x 1,360mm or 2,100mm x 1,000mm x 1,560mm.

4. The unique carbonizing machine is commonly used to make the half-charcoal sticks in a finished product. The device is equipped with a hyperploid steam cooling, high-temperature system. The cooling process could be accelerated as a way to quicken the rate of production. The device are prepared for around 1500kg in a temperature of 430°C. It has a 1.5kw motor and weighs 2,500kg and may produce finished products in 8 – twenty four hours.

These appliances undergo a 100% QC inspection before shipment and give top quality 100% guaranteed after sales service. Here is the related link:


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